Money can be a touchy subject. That’s probably because it means so much to us. Jesus talked about money, our bling bling, our stuff… a lot. In fact, He made a radical statement. He described money as our heart out walking about. Think of it in the shape of plastic slipping in and out of our wallet. Think of our hearts strolling in and out of Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, wherever.

At The Bridge there are many who are realizing that everything we have is God’s. We are simply managing His stuff, not ours. As we CONTRIBUTE a percentage to Christ’s mission, we are really bringing back to God a small part of something that was never ours to begin with.

We offer the following options for contributing financially:

  • The Giving Envelope: If you’re using one of the Giving Envelopes you received in your bulletin on Sunday, just complete the envelope, enclose your contribution, and drop in the offering buckets.
  • Secure Online Giving: Contribute with your debit/credit card.

We’re happy to offer online giving as a convenience. In order to manage responsibly what God has given us and to avoid credit card debt, The Bridge encourages the use of debit cards.